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Transparency is a core value of Our Quadruple Aim and an integral part of Ripple of Change. As such, we felt it was important to consolidate some of the information that is available regarding the authors. This page is a work in progress and we started with some historicals items, meant to give a glimpse of our past.

Episode: How can we change healthcare for the better? With Todd Otten

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Blue Care Network interviews Dr. Otten regarding his success managing diabetic patients. He discusses a patient-centered approach that includes motivational interviewing and shared decision-making while alluding to population health.

Blue Care Network Provider News - July/August 2016

Dr. Otten served as an ACO medical director for six years while working at Hayes Green Beach Hospital in conjunction with Caravan Health, encompassing patient populations of up to 150,000.

Caravan Health ACO Partners Lead in MIPS Scores for Second Straight Year

These two journal articles were a result of a 4th-year medical school elective of Dr. Otten’s.

Dr. Otten was the valedictorian in 1998 at the University of Detroit Mercy.


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