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Ripple of Change

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“Ripple of Change” tells the compelling story of Dr. Todd R. Otten and his patient, Joshua J. Judy, who faced moral injury and lost trust in a dysfunctional healthcare system, yet found a path to healing. Through their combined wellness journey, they introduce Our Quadruple Aim (OQA), offering simple, elegant solutions for everyone. This book inspires and moves readers with the transparent and poignant experiences of both doctor and patient, illustrating what healthcare can and should aspire to be. If you’re an American healthcare consumer, this book is for you.

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3 reviews for Ripple of Change

  1. Ruth Otten

    Ripple of Change is very well written & extremely timely. As explained, ‘Our Quadruple Aim’ can be applied to just about any place of business. While reading this book, I realized ‘Our Quadruple Aim’ would greatly benefit our educational system. I thank the authors for sharing their personal stories & making this such an enjoyable read.
    I am extremely proud of my son for taking a stand & taking such a positive step to help our health care system.

    • Todd R. Otten

      Thanks For Your Comment

  2. Jennifer Thietz

    Ripple of Change dares to take an honest look at current-day medical practice from the eyes of a physician and his patient. This combination provides a unique and deeply insightful view of what it means to be both physician and patient in an imperfect health system, where providing and receiving excellent care is severely limited due to the healthcare crisis.
    Everyone needs to read this book for their healthcare journeys. The insight here is invaluable and empowers those physicians and patients willing to challenge the inertia that exists around healthcare today.

  3. Denise Bell

    Ripple of Change, co-written by a physician and a patient, is a poignant exploration of the healthcare crisis from two deeply personal perspectives. Their combined voices provide a unique and insightful view of the healthcare landscape, highlighting the systemic issues that impede excellent care.

    The book daringly delves into the realities of modern medical practice, examining the intricate and often painful experiences of both providing and receiving care in an imperfect system. The narrative is interwoven with humor, offering a refreshing balance to the otherwise serious subject matter.

    I am grateful to the authors for sharing their personal stories and making this an enjoyable and enlightening read. Whether you are a healthcare professional, a patient, or someone interested in the intricacies of our health system, Ripple of Change offers a compelling and thought-provoking perspective that is sure to resonate.

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