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Welcome to the Ripple of Change podcast, where transparency is our guiding principle. We’re excited to share our unfiltered experiences and insights with you as we navigate the complexities of the healthcare system together.




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In each episode, we bring you:

Personal Stories

Real patient and provider experiences that highlight the human side of healthcare.

Expert Interviews

Conversations with industry leaders who are driving change and innovation.

Actionable Insights

Practical tips and strategies to help you be part of the healthcare transformation.



Ripple of Change

Our goal is to inspire and empower you to make a difference. We believe that by sharing our journey, we can collectively improve Patient Experience, Quality Care, Lower Costs, and Provider Wellness.We invite you to tune in and be part of the conversation on your preferred platform:

Reviews for Podcast

Just finished watching our podcast with Claudia again. I really like it a lot. Nice back and forth. You're a great host and love the format. Let's do it again some time!

- Bruce Berger, PhD

Ripple of change

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Join us, and let’s create ripples of change together.
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