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Ripple of Change” shares our inspiring journey, from losing trust in a dysfunctional healthcare system to finding healing and proposing transformative solutions with Our Quadruple Aim.

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Explore the diverse chapters of our book, each unveiling meaningful experiences, practical insights, and transformative solutions aimed at reshaping healthcare for the better.


Chapter 1: Do no harm

Everything I share here, I share from the patient perspective. I was born in November of 1981. Life has given me four decades of experience as both a patient under a medical professional’s care, and as a patient of life. That passage of time has provided me many hats to wear—sometimes a pill taker, other times a shot taker, now more than ever – a premium, co-pay and high deductible payer. It wasn’t always that way though.


Chapter 2: History of present illness

The desk is covered in heart-shaped glitter, balloons decorate the wall, and a rainbow unicorn hangs in the corner. Opposite the desk, other treasures lie – a vintage wooden case proudly displaying Lego figures, a Spider-Man pillow lying on an antique coffee table. A piece of petrified wood as a bookend and a globe with push pins signifying places I have been, the red on the pins fading over the years.

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Our readers have found “Ripple of Change” to be both inspiring and thought-provoking. Here’s what some of them have to say:


Congratulations on a most engaging and inspiring book. As of last evening, I was halfway through, cheering you on with each story and example of what is possible. 

Heather Wood lon


This book is a compelling narrative chronicling the journey of a doctor and patient within a fractured healthcare system. 

Osmund Agbo


Ripple of Change dares to take an honest look at current-day medical practice from the eyes of a physician and his patient. 

Jennifer Thietz


Ripple of Change, co-written by a physician and a patient, is a poignant exploration of the healthcare crisis from two deeply personal perspectives. 

Denise Bell

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