Ripple Of Change


It all began with a simple directive: “Just Write.” This seemingly small prescription set the stage for a profound journey of healing and transformation that we never anticipated.

Discovering Profound Healing in Shared Experiences

As a seasoned family physician with over 20 years of experience, a Naval Flight Surgeon, and former ACO Medical Director and Chief of Staff, and Joshua, with a background leading in the energy industry and academic achievements in finance and engineering, we found ourselves on a shared path toward understanding and improving healthcare.

Challenging the Status Quo: Change Agents and Positive Disruptors

Through our combined experiences, we discovered profound healing and embarked on a mission to confront the flaws within the healthcare system. We realized that our journey wasn’t just about addressing symptoms but about delving into the root causes of discontent and advocating for meaningful change.

Turning Ripples into Waves of Positive Change

Armed with our experiences and a passion for making a difference, we emerged as change agents and champions of positive disruption. Refusing to accept the status quo, we actively challenge conventional norms and practices that hinder progress in healthcare. Our mission extends beyond personal grievances to advocating for systemic reforms that prioritize human dignity, equity, and justice.

Join Us in Transforming Healthcare for the Better

Join us, Todd , and Joshua , along with our community of supporters, as we lead the charge in transforming healthcare. Together, we can challenge norms, question the system, and advocate for reforms that prioritize compassion, innovation, and equity in healthcare delivery. Let’s create a future where healthcare is a beacon of hope and healing for all.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to transforming healthcare through innovative solutions and advocacy for systemic change. By leveraging our diverse experiences in medicine, military service, energy leadership, and academic expertise, we aim to address the root causes of healthcare discontent. Our mission is to challenge the status quo, promote equity, and champion human dignity, creating ripples of positive change that turn into waves of transformation.

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